Monday-Sunday 11.00-18.30 19-21 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4EZ, UK

10-Minute Magic Spells by Skye Alexander

Looking to enchant your love interest? Seeking good fortune? Want to shape your destiny? 10-Minute Magic Spells will show you how tap into your inner power. Designed for the novice spellcaster, these simple spells and practices can be performed in minutes and don't require expensive, hard-to-find ingredients. With just a little guidance, you can perform a range of spells: Use quartz crystals to protect your home. Make a love charm to attract a lover. Burn a candle to bring good health. Charge water with moonlight to bring good luck... And more! Some magic is basic and practical, such as finding a treasured item you've lost; some is performed as part of an ongoing practice of self-care.

Learn to put magic to use for you in just 10 minutes.

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