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A Mystical Commentary on The Book of Lambspring by David Chaim Smith

A Mystical Commentary on The Book of Lambspring is an esoteric interpretation of the classic 17th century text. The book differs from many alchemical works by almost entirely avoiding overt references to physical laboratory processes. Instead, the material provides an overview of the arc of mystical transmutation and a set of deep inner transformations that are pointed out in the commentary. The complete text and cycle of 15 emblematic engravings are presented alongside a detailed analysis that is articulated through the Kabbalistic symbol system. Accompanying this, is a set of originally constructed graphic seals that translate the content into sacred geometry through an unusual array of devices, such as the ibri gate and 9 chambers. The goal is for this masterpiece of the alchemical tradition to become accessible to serious practitioners of Hermeticism and Kabbalah for use in inner spiritual work.

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