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A Wheel of Small Gods by Brian Wilkins & Brennen Reece

by: Watkins Books

Modern medicine was born in the healing temples of the Hellenic world. Within their grounds, doctors like Hippocrates and Galen performed surgery, provided plant-based medicines, and promoted health with exercise. And while we have continued their legacy, we have forgotten something they knew to be true: the mind, body, and spirit are inexorably linked. To heal the whole person requires more than a prescription—it takes ritual, art, and spirit. It takes magic.

In A Wheel of Small Gods, Brian Wilkins and Brennen Reece offer a guide to reintroducing ritual healing by engaging with the 36 decan spirits of the Egyptian zodiac. Created within the sacred timing over a three-year process, these poems and images are talismans intended to connect you to those spirits of health and restoration. Through their many names, their sacred symbols, and the lyrics they inspire, their message is clear: you can change your life.