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Activate Your Psychic Powers by Billy Roberts

Super practical, easy-to-follow and fun guide to harnessing your psychic abilities by an internationally renowned psychic. Discover your full potential with the help of the simple techniques and exercises in this practical step-by-step guide. Activate Your Psychic Powers shows you how to harness abilities unexplained by contemporary western science: clairvoyance, healing, precognition, telepathy, mediumship.

The potential to develop psychic powers lies within each and every one of us. It is not a case of receiving knowledge, but of remembering what we have long forgotten. Billy Roberts helps you to tap into your latent psychic powers using methods proven to produce extraordinary results.

Learn how to:master your own mind with meditation improve your self-worth and confidence by channeling the powers of the mind perfect your skills of telepathy receive and understand visions of the future heal others using the power of your mind experience astral travel communicate with the dead Developing your psychic abilities will allow you to connect more with your spiritual self and become more confident and positive.

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