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Alraune: The Poisoiners Guild by Kazim (ed.)

Second issue of Alraune Journal, a 190 pages full-color anthology dedicated to the Poison Path.

Authors: Chthonia, Rebecca Beyer, Tugce Okay, Idlu Lili Regulus, Coby Michael, B Drinnon...
Artists: Poison Plant Cult, The Witch Art of Azk, Dolorosa De La Cruz, Odona Bones, Cartis Mandua...

This second edition of Alraune Journal is dedicated to the exploration of the Poison Path with a focus on personal gnosis and practices offering a reification of what has been gained through the Poisoners dealing with the Spirits and Genii of the Verdant, Divine and Daimonic Intoxication. As the many plants haunting the enchanted grove of the Midnight Eden possess their own particular signatures, this second Alraune offers a unique panacea of visions, experiences and practices, reflecting in their diversity the various modalities of expression, gnosis and personae of those engaged in the Poisonous Artes. A compendium of refined Veneficia offered as the Serpent's Gift of Gnosis from Practitioners to Practitioners.