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Awakening to the Fifth Dimension : A Guide to Discovering the Soul's Path to Healing by Kimberly Meredith

by: Gardners

If you're suffering from chronic illness and persistent symptoms, this book holds a revolutionary solution. Prepare to discover a new dimension of healing. The Fifth Dimension is a higher state in which pure love, unconditional acceptance and ultimate healing exist.

In this revolutionary book, world-renowned medical medium Kimberly Meredith shows you how to access this profound realm, elevate your consciousness and find a way out of pain or suffering. Whether you are wrestling with mental, emotional or physical ailments, Kimberly's gentle wisdom offers a path towards happiness and freedom. You will discover: * tools to implement mental, emotional and physical healing in your own life * spiritual practices that will lift you into the Fifth Dimension * stories, exercises, prayers and affirmations to elevate your mind, body and soul * how to use crystals and meditation to help you enter a higher state Full of practical methods and case studies, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension will empower you to confront your own health struggles and find true, lasting healing.