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Blackthorn's Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn

Here is the first contemporary guide to the transformative powers of essential oils for use in spellcraft and the cultivation of ritual power. From rose-scented rosaries, the lingering aroma of frankincense and the ritual energy of white sage, Amy Blackthorn – the woman behind Blackthorn’s Hoodoo Blends – will take you on a journey beyond the soothing, healing power of scents into their hidden realms and their use in prayer, meditation and shamanic journeying.

One of the very first of its kind, this book includes:

· the rich history and lore of scent-related magic
· over 135 essential oil recipes and craft projects
· an explanation of how magical aromatherapy can enhance
divination with tarot reading and rune work
· a botanical “oracle”
· practical information on to purchasing, blending and storing of
essential oils

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