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Blood of Space by David Chaim Smith

The Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy series presents innovative new works utilizing esoteric symbol systems established in the Lightning Flash of Alef books, published between 2017 and 2023. Volume 7, Blood of Space, is the final volume of the series. It provides an overview of the ultimate goals of path as well as useful technical instruction for formal practice. The text is a poetic accounting of the all-pervasive essence of reality called the “blood of space” which is engaged directly by vision. It is not what we see that is important, but how we see. The practitioner develops an affinity with this sublime essentiality as its blood becomes our blood, its flesh becomes our flesh, and its structurelessness becomes the structures in which we live. The goal is (literally) seeing this realization through, as the division between perceiving and what is perceived evaporates.

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