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Body Astrology by Claire Gallagher

Your astrological makeup is like a window into how your unique body works. Because astrology, life, and the body are constantly changing, Body Astrology goes beyond the basics, teaching you how to interpret your birth chart and craft a whole-body daily and seasonal practice to match. Recognizing cosmic patterns can help reconnect you with your authentic preferences so you can create a unique daily routine that is tailored to your needs. Nutritionist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and astrologer Claire Gallagher guides you in the healing powers of each planet and how to use food, movement, and lifestyle to realign and empower. Her integrative and intuitive full-body approach puts the wellness industry on mute so you can have confidence in your own self-directed health choices. You will learn:
- About your Body Astrology Triad: the pivotal pieces of your birth chart (Sun, Moon, and Rising signs) and what they mean for your daily routine
- When to upgrade your daily body astrology practice and use the power of the planets to rebalance, restore, or raise you out of a celestial rut
- How to become your own body astrologer by understanding the dynamics between the elements, signs, and planets and using food, movement, and other healing tools to restore balance

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