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Magick and Occult


Book of the Black Dragon by Peter Hamilton-Giles

by: Watkins Books

Second Hardback Edition.
This enchiridion for the Black Dragon is the first volume for expounding sorcery associated with the dirt track road, which must forever be adumbrated by the outer precinct of the crooked path, for this inner sanctum presents the dirt ridden yet adamantine road which leads to the Black Dragon and the great mystery of telluric sorcery. It began as a realisation of a work that was formed by the Dragon’s Column, this being the working group that went on to contribute towards Andrew Chumbley writing The Dragon Book of Essex. Yet there are some stark contrasts to be made between this book and that, for the reader must know this is an earth bound book. This is to be realised by turning away from the heavens and looking beyond into the defiled depths of those who have fallen into the coils of Azde-Ahab-Haris. By having recognised this rhizomatic network of endless possibilities, the demiurgic force imbibing the ophidian flow has placed confidence in those who work with both hands by transmitting this work. As a result, the book leads the reader through a sequence of ritual actions and interactions with specific daemons associated with points on the Black Dragon, with each point acting as a gateway for reifying the very principle of Being through the notion of becoming. Anticipatory in nature, the trappings of ceremonial magic are here discarded. The sorcerer instead locates the ritual space through flesh in relation to the horizon..The Proklosis Ring. At this non-place the sorcerer is encouraged to follow the instructions and insights contained in this grimoire, for there are steps and measures which must be taken to traverse the Black Dragon’s form. By so doing the horizon becomes the coiled serpent, and the earth becomes the gateway through which to engage with the ophidian source for all our Otherness.