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Born of Blood & Fire (deluxe edition) by Richard Ward

by: Watkins Books

Deluxe Edition (limited to 55 copies)
Handbound in quarter black pigskin, black handmade paper boards emblazoned with the dagger of Erzuli, red edges and ribbon, custom marbled endpapers, and slipcase bearing the sword of Ogou.
Petwo is concerned as much with magic and sorcery as it is with religious devotion; thus it continues to be perceived as dark, even evil, by many Haitians, as well as outsiders. Lurid tales of zombi, cannibalism and human sacrifice abound in the early literature. But the truth is complex and ambiguous; Petwo is neither black nor white. The Petwo rite is uncompromising and aggressive, particularly when contrasted with the gentler Rada.