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Catalpa Monographs by Dr William Wallace

by: Watkins Wisdom

A Critical Survey of the Art and Writings of Austin Osman Spare
Featuring 93 colour images and 50 unpublished artworks by Spare this book expands upon the books first publishing in the 1980s. The author returns to his earliest writing as the basis for a newly updated inquiry into the volatile essences of Spare’s art. This is a substantial and thought-provoking book by the most prolific contributor to Sparean scholarship.

Comprising a revised and much expanded republication of the long out of print books ‘The Early…’ and ‘The Late works of Austin Osman Spare’, it also includes 20 very early ink drawings from a recently discovered private collection. An extensive new introduction analyzes the themes and obsessions in Spare’s art; palimpsests and Realism.

Hardback limited to 800 copies.