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Celestial Intelligences (Collector’s Edition) by Greg Kaminsky

by: Watkins Books

Collector's edition limited to 309 copies.
Hardbound 100pts, bound in Deluxe Deep Black Buckram. Bronze & Matte White foil blocking on rounded spine and on the cover, as well as Blind Deboss on the backcover. Red Pantone + B&W interior, with Apple-Red with Diamond pattern embossing Endpapers. Dark Brown Headbands. Illustrated & Typeset by Joseph Uccello. Fine typography, printed on Cougar White Supersmooth 160M archive-quality paper. Comes with a carton-plate insert glued on the interior, individually hand-numbered, and signed by the author Greg Kaminsky.

This book deals with the work of Italian Renaissance philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, especially in his efforts to combine the Jewish Kabbalah with Neoplatonic Christianity and Hermeticism. Kaminsky details Pico's sources and teachers, and show where and how Kabbalistic teachings were incorporated into the philosophers works which came to have a monumental influence on the Christian and Hermetic Occult tradition.