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Charms & Symbols by Alison Davies

by: Gardners

For thousands of years, charms and symbols have allowed us to communicate powerful feelings without the use of a single word. From the elegant, sacred Feather to the strong, rooted Tree of Life, signs and symbols such as these can help guide us on our journey through life. Charms & Symbols is a guide to symbols from cultures around the world.

Discover the meanings of these beautiful emblems and learn how to work with each of them to improve your overall wellbeing. Including exercises and self-care tips, this book mixes ancient wisdom with a modern and accessible approach to self-care. Learn how to focus and meditate on symbols through activities such as breathing exercises and mindful practices to help boost your self-esteem, restore and rejuvenate your body and mind, connect with your intuition and ease feelings of anxiety and worry.

Discover symbols such as:- The Tree of Life, for a greater connection between life on earth and the afterlife- The Triple Moon, used to represent the power of the goddess- The Endless Knot, an important symbol in Buddhism representing the endless cycles in life- The Triquetra, a Celtic protection symbol representing the Mother, the Maiden and the Crone- The Hamsa, a Middle Eastern symbol that represents protection, fortune, health and happiness