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Chasing the Dragons by Victor Olliver

Draconic astrology is an ancient technique which seems to have got lost in the mists of time somewhere between ancient Babylon and about 1950, when it suddenly resurfaced. It's a powerful tool that uncovers a person's actual life (or soul) purpose by shifting the Moon's natal North Node to 0 Degrees Aries, thus creating a Moon-based specialist destiny chart. But there's more to it than that....;Soul lies at the heart of draconic astrology, yet there is no agreement on what the soul is.

It is a timeless and universal preoccupation of philosophers, mystics, authors - and just about everybody - as becomes evident in the wide variety of case studies used in this book to demonstrate the technique. The desire to find one's life purpose shows itself in those who apparently have everything - and those who have far less - and the motivation is the same no matter a person's race, gender, status, wealth, fame and occupation. Join Victor Olliver as he digs deeper into the charts of Britney Spears, Karl Marx, Greta Thunberg, Nelson Mandela and many more to discover just what is revealed in their draconic charts.

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