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Confident Empath by Suzanne Worthley

In this comprehensive guide to empathing and energetic protection, energy worker and psychic empath Suzanne Worthley explores all of the ways one can feel and perceive energies from human energy fields, places, paranormal situations, and across dimensions as well as how to energetically protect yourself and your loved ones. She looks at the different types of empaths and empathing, including sensitive empaths, psychic empaths, quantum empathing, and multidimensional empathing. Explaining how multidimensional energy works, Suzanne reveals how it affects each of us, including through our chakras and the auric field.

She discusses how learned and programmed beliefs trigger empathic behavior and explores how to identify and release different types of limiting beliefs to evolve from fear-based empathing to love-based empathy. She examines the differences between empathy and sympathy--and why one is truly helpful and the other, limiting. She shows how to identify energy fields that may be risky alongside advanced strategies for protecting yourself, including how to prevent unwanted energy transference.

She also details the Four Discernment Practices, techniques that demonstrate how our empathic behaviors are connected to the health of our energy field. Sharing extraordinary client case studies from her professional energy healing and psychic empath work, Suzanne explores the practices of quantum empathing, paranormal empathing, and empathing places and the natural world. She also looks at soul contracts, the Akashic Records, the energetic stages of dying, and healing people, places, and objects in the present, the past, and the subtle energetic dimensions.

Teaching empathic readers how to understand their abilities and energetically protect themselves, this guide shows how empaths can live an empowered life and contribute in a responsible and meaningful way to creating a more positive, life-affirming reality.

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