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The Ninth Arch (deluxe edition) by Kenneth Grant

Starfire Publishing Limited, 2016. Limited to 111 copies. Hand-numbered, and Signed by Steffi Grant. Deluxe Edition, ISBN 9781906073367.

The boards are bound in hand-made paper with an additional leather quarter-binding across the spine. The book comes in a slip-case which is bound in a light grey cloth with full-colour dust-jacket, with black and white custom printed endpapers, and with top and tail bands to the binding.

Condition: Fine, unread copy.

The Ninth Arch comprising theBook of the Spider (OKBISh) is the final volume of a series of Trilogies which trace the emergence into historic times of an ancient body of occult doctrine known as the Typhonian Tradition.

In order fully to understand its purpose and content, The Ninth Arch should be scanned against the background of the larger canvas on which it is painted. Such an approach will facilitate insight into the Oracles of OKBISh and their accompanying comments. As an additional aid to focussing salient features of the Tradition, the author's Nightside Narrative, Against the Light (Starfire Publishing, 2016), should serve as a helpful and explanatory ‘footnote’ to the circumstances existing at the time OKBISh was ‘received’.

The Oracles were communicated audibly, and occasionally visually, to various members of New Isis Lodge (1955-62) and at certain stages of magical ritual. The Current which generated the material began, sporadically, as early as 1939, with the initial movement of a transmission which developed over the years into the text known as the Wisdom of S’lba (see Outer Gateways, Starfire Publishing, 2015). In 1945, the Wisdom> – then in its nascent stage – was recognized by Aleister Crowley as an authentic communication. From that time, the Informing Intelligence went on to complete the Wisdom, and proceeded to produce the massive series of Oracles presented in The Ninth Arch. The mode of reception has been described in the Introduction. The method of documentation confirms beyond cavil the validity of serial qabalah, as used previously in analyses of the Wisdom.

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