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Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits by Jake Stratton-Kent

Hardback edition limited to 500 copies.

This ‘Guide to Grimoiring’ ends the Night School series by renowned occult author Jake Stratton-Kent. The first volume, The Sworn and Secret Grimoire, used the Grimoire of Turiel as a starting point for engaging with the ritual process when working with grimoiric spirits and can be thought of as an ‘occult primer’. In this second volume, Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits, Jake moves us into the realm of Cyprianic spirit-work, the mysteries of the Lunar Mansions, and an investigation of the Kings and Queens of the Elementals. Moving between history and practice, Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits, as its predecessor did with Turiel, takes its inspiration from Nathaniel Moulth’s Petit Manuel du Devin et du Sorcier, through which it highlights the folkloric elements of grimoiric practice and the benefits of ritual timing.

Dr. Alexander Cummins’ foreword beautifully outlines the contents of Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits as well as Jake Stratton-Kent’s contributions to our understanding of grimoire practice, closing with a beautiful tribute to Jake himself.

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