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Cypriana: Old World by A. Cummins, J. Hathaway Diaz & J. Zahrt (ed.)

Cypriana: Old World brings together diverse and divergent essays on specifically-situated Cyprianic traditions and practices across time, place, and culture. Moreover, it brings to light new English translations of mythic accounts of the sorcerer-saint and his chaste saviouress, which may be worked by practitioners for their prayers, incantations, charms, and historiola. In short, we seek to model how to turn information into workable material; and to show more than simply tell of methods, mindsets and materia for developing relationships with these saints. In dedicated service to this ideal, we present two hands, combining historical roots and experiential blossoming branches of spiritual veneration and sorcerous utility to be honoured and explored. We have gathered genuine, responsible emic perspectives on various forms of religious and sorcerous work with Cyprian and Justina, with a dual focus on the values of historically and mythically situated traditional practices and spirit-led experimentation and innovation.

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