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DisConnected by Steve Taylor

DisConnected offers a new vision of human nature and a new understanding of human behaviour and social problems. Connection is the most essential human trait - it determines our behaviour and our level of well-being. Cruelty is the result of a sense of disconnection, while "goodness" stems from connection.

Unfortunately, the most disconnected people gravitate to positions of power, which leads to "pathocracy," the most common form of government during the 20th century. Disconnected societies are patriarchal, hierarchical and warlike. Connected societies are egalitarian, democratic and peaceful.

We can measure both social progress and personal development in terms of how far we move along a continuum of connection. At the most essential level, we are always interconnected. Altruism and spirituality are experiences of our fundamental connection.

Regaining awareness of our connection is the only way by which we can live in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the world itself.

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