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Divine Madness & Endless Love (vol 1) by Samuel Sagan

Beyond rules, beyond reason, beyond limits.  These stories celebrate the wildness and fire of Divine Madness and its path of Endless Love.

Qualman Shakya's Straight Line

Antaria's destiny to lead the flight of the White Eagles is becoming uncertain.  Her powers are fading.  It is not due to the weakening of the fields but the weight of darkness she carries in her heart.

It will take the powers of the enigmatic and mysterious Omon Lakh Singar, a connection with Jaleena (Priestess of Qualman shakya), as well as a profound vision of the creation, to keep Antaria from losing her way.

When seen from above, the path that seems convoluted in the kingdom may be the straightest possible way to the Light.

The Call of the Giant

In the chaos of early 19th-century India, Victoria and her husband struggle to create a new life. 

One meeting can ignite a destiny.  For Victoria, it is a connection with Mohan, an Indian munshi with a passion for change.  Around Mohan, living in Victoria's narrow-minded English shell become unbearable.  The call of the giant rises like an unstoppable wave, sweeping her to an all-consuming fire.

Within the spirit of Bengal and the golden presence of Omram Lakh Singham, an Archive legend is born.  Planting seeds to be reaped, far into the future.



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