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Esezezus By Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Limited hardback edition.

Hekate – Hermes – Baphomet – Babalon! Open this book and the gods leap from the page – Each rendered in exquisite, full-color paintings in this astounding collection by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule: ESEZEZUS!

Esezezus is a new word; it embodies the ecstasy of tongues as both physical vessels of language and as languages themselves. Accordingly, this book is replete with hymns to the gods, conjurations of spirit powers, meditations on art and time, ritual theatre, tall tales, fables, fabulations, and a profound exploration of the enduring Magic of Language.

This volume is a compendium of brand-new works, previously-unpublished gems, lost classics, and several rare and hard-to-find favorites. Its variety must be seen to be believed: Intricate pencil sketches, ink drawings, and oil paintings abound, along with vivid photographs of Orryelle’s beloved bronze sculptures and the raw, ecstatic performances that have brought him international acclaim.

Lucifer and Lilith entangle; Anubis examines the soul-scale, nymphs entwine in fractal-like patterns on the special commissioned endpapers. Each image reinforces the growing consensus that Orryelle, more than any artist living today, is the standard-bearer of Austin Osman Spare’s erotic current of esoteric art.

For those who have hoarded Orryelle’s sold-out Fulgur grimoires in the past, this triumphant work is a must have; for those who have yet to encounter him, it serves as the perfect introduction.  Every other page contains frameable artwork, and as a special bonus it features a removable, oversized fold-out painting of Hermes Sailing the Seas of Chaos!

And yet, for all its visual artistry, this book at its core is a celebration of sacred sound. Not only does its central essay explore the secret, vibrational aspects of poetic language, but it comes with its own album (CD) of magical music created by the author in which choice hymns and conjurations from the book are orated or sung along with a wide range of musical accompaniment that ranges from neoclassical to experimental electronica.

Esezezus is a feast for the senses, and will be beloved by all who delight in the sensual and cerebral arcana created by a celebrated occult artist whose work never ceases to amaze.

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