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Fractals of Reality by Kavitha Chinnaiyan

 The Shricakra is ubiquitous in modern culture, and found everywhere, from store fronts and yoga studios to logos and jewelry. Yet, this ancient and celebrated symbol remains a mystery. The Shricakra  is an extraordinary map of the macrocosm that flawlessly reflects the microcosm. In this book, the Shricakra  is examined in a practical fashion as it applies to the microcosm - the body and mind that are readily available for observation and transmutation. The practice of the Shricakra  reveals its elements within the body-mind, which becomes the yantra (instrument) enlivened by the mantra (sacred sound) of the breath. No aspect of existence is excluded in the practice of the Shricakra , which contains and projects the infinite fractals of Reality. The esoteric and the mundane come together within its lines and curves to provide the perfect map of the enlightened life.This book is the modern description of the Shricakra with an emphasis on the practical application of its principles even while adhering to the tradition of Shrividya and Shakta tantra.

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