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From the Depths of Creation by Liz Beachy Gómez

From the Depths of Creation offers a compassionate and loving solution to the pervasive feelings of isolation, stress, imbalance, or emptiness felt by many people today.

Discover a Brazilian elemental framework for understanding nature’s wisdom and guidance, and learn to embrace your own unique nature through the perspective of the natural world. This framework for personal healing is rooted in the beauty and flow of the natural world, and will guide you in rebalancing aspects of your inner landscape through practical exercises and healing rituals to be done at the river, by the fire, in ocean waves, near the forest, on the wind, and more.

Learn to interpret the language of nature through multiple layers of psychological and spiritual meaning, guided by the primordial forces of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Discover how the cycles of nature are already at play within you, and how to harness their energy for a more healthy and vibrant life.

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