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Galdrbok (2nd ed) by Robert J. Wallis & Nathan J. Johnson

by: Watkins Books

Practical Heathen Runecraft, Shamanism and Magic

The Galdrbok offers a complete system for accessing the nine otherworlds of the Northwest European shamanic world tree Yggdrasil. The initiatory system in Galdrbok is inspired by the spiritual legacy of Heathen Northwest European communities of the migration age.

Galdrbok maps the altered conscious states which enable shamanic travel – by means of scrying (‘to descry’/‘foresee’/ crystal gaze), galdr (‘sung spells’), runic mediation and other powerful techniques, you can enter ecstasy and 'walk between the worlds' in the footsteps of Woden and Freyja, the Northern shamanic deities par excellence.

This 2nd EDITION, is freshly typeset, revised and expanded, with a new foreword and afterword, new poetry, an appendix on the plant-ally Mugwort and the Old English ‘Nine Herbs Charm’, an expanded bibliography taking account of literature in the field since 2005, and many new illustrations.