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Goddess Astrology by Elisabeth Brooke

Offering a new and insightful discussion into the subjects of both Greek mythology and astrology, Elisabeth Brooke skilfully intertwines the two to create an original and captivating exploration of the female experience. It expresses a deep appreciation that women's lives are not all the same and should not be put into the same overused stereotypes; instead, it offers a refreshing perspective of female archetypes, illustrated by the lives of extraordinary women both alive and dead, which women everywhere will relate to. Each chapter of this book follows one of the twelve Astrological Signs, seven traditional planets, as well as the Houses and Aspects.

The connection to a Goddess of Greek mythology is detailed for each of these, providing an illuminating and engrossing background to the Greek myths and Goddess lore. The chapters bridge the gap between ancient and modern, exploring more recent examples of brave, strong, and empowering women for each of the Astrological Signs. The book can be read straight through as an exploration of the Goddesses and Astrology, and as a reference book for both astrological studies and historical Goddess lore.

Goddess Astrology also contains excerpts from classical texts, newly translated by the author Elisabeth Brooke.

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