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Goddess Stories : Discover their mythology by Alison Davies

Learn the powerful stories behind over 40 goddesses from around the world, and discover how you can embody their power to improve your wellbeing, and live your best life. 
From ancient myth to modern day icons, there’s a goddess to help you with every situation. Including some of the best and less well-known goddesses throughout mythology, and accompanied by a gorgeous illustration of each, learn the stories of: 
· Freya (Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War)
· Eostre (Celtic Goddess of the Dawn and Spring)
· Guan Yin (Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy)
· Nut (Egyptian Goddess of the Sky)
· Selene (Greek Goddess of the Moon)
· Jaci (Brazilian Moon Goddess)
· Gaia (Greek Goddess of the Earth)
· Pele (Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes, and Dance)
· Inanna (Sumerian Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Sensuality)
· Amaterasu (Shintu Goddess of the Sun)
· Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Good Fortune, and Success)
…and many more! 

With a simple ritual or activity alongside each story to help you channel the iconic energy of each goddess, this is the ultimate book of female empowerment. 

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