Monday-Sunday 11.00-18.30 19-21 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4EZ, UK


Gold by Rumi

The 13th century mystic and sage Rumi was dedicated to unshackling his mind, opening his heart, and accessing deeper levels of serenity, compassion, and generosity. His poetry was meant to induce ecstatic illumination and liberation in listeners. Since his passing, readers across the world have returned to his text for inspiration and nourishment.

In this online webinar, acclaimed translator Haleh Liza Gafori will recite poems that brim with insights and leaping imagery. She will upack Sufi mystical terms that recur in his poetry but have no one-to-one equivalent in English, and will share lesser-known biographical anecdotes to further elucidate and contextualize the poems.

She will also recite short excerpts of the original Persian text, giving us glimpses of the astonishing rhythm, rhyme, and wordplay that grace the poetry in Persian. 

Insights on love, ego-death, mortality, generosity, and compassion abound in Rumi's poetry and dialogue with our times. As the honesty, humor, wisdom, and ecstasy that pervade his poems pervade us, his “path of Love” becomes less abstract and more walkable. 

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