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by: Gardners

A Step-by-Step Journey into Sensuality to Rediscover the Delight that Lies Just Below the Surface of Everyday Experience.

Hidden just below the surface of ordinary everyday reality lies an abundance of pleasure and delight. By learning to look beyond your daily challenges, to ease your stressed mind and body, you can rediscover the magic, mystery, sensuality, and joy that is possible in everyday life.

Taking you through a step-by-step sensual journey of healing and transformation, Julia Hollenbery explains how pleasure is all around us and explores seven easily accessible spiritual “medicines” or pathways to discover more sensual pleasure and delight in your body, relationships, and way of being.

She details each of the seven medicines in depth: slowing down, embodying, deepening, relating, pleasure, power, and potency. For each medicine, she presents reflections, practical somatic and breathing exercises, prompting questions, meditations, and energetic transmissions to help you reconnect body, mind, and soul in an integrated way and reclaim your innate source of pleasure.

The Healing Power of Pleasure combines scientific fact with ancient spirituality, insight, humor, and poetry.  A visionary call to action to inhabit our universe of pleasure, this book presents an invitation to reconnect with your body, realize the depth and web of relationships within which we live, and embrace the pleasure, power, and potency that arise when we look inward as well as confidently relate outward with the world
around us.

About the Author: Julia Paulette Hollenbery is a bodyworker, therapist, mystic, healer,
and facilitator. For more than 25 years she has guided countless clients into deep
confidence and self-authority. She is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the
mystery, real sensual relationship, and the life of the body. Julia lives and works in

“In The Healing Power of Pleasure, Julia shares the fruit of her work. As anyone who has taken the journey knows, fruit is the result of years of digging and composting. The more real the journey, the sweeter the medicine. Go on, take a sweet apple from this Tree of Knowledge.”
– Ya’Acov Darling Khan, shaman and author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart

“Julia guides us to connect more deeply with our natural selves and recognize the abundant joy that always resides there.”
– David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., scientist and author of
I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love

“Hollenbery's recipes for pleasure introduce readers to the Universe of Deliciousness that awaits them just around the corner, within their own bodies. Read and enjoy.”
– Sarah Peyton, neuroscientist and author of Your Resonant Self and Your Resonant Self Workbook

“Julia Paulette Hollenbery is inviting us home to the natural joy and pleasure that exist right now at the heart of our being, waiting to be allowed out.”
– Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born to Do

“This book is a doorway to an inner world, allowing us to enter a new adventure while still very much being fully in the body and in the creative magical mystery of life.”
– Steve Nobel, spiritual coach, founder of Soul Matrix Healing, and author of The
Enlightenment of Work, Personal Transitions, Starseeds, and Freeing the Spirit