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Hecate's Fountain (deluxe edition) by Kenneth Grant

Starfire Publishing Limited, 2014. Limited to 111 copies. Hand-numbered, and Signed by Steffi Grant. Deluxe Edition, ISBN 9781906073367.

The boards are bound in hand-made paper with an additional leather quarter-binding across the spine. The book comes in a slip-case which is bound in a black cloth with full-colour dust-jacket.

Condition: Fine, unread copy.

During the rituals of New Isis Lodge (1955-1962) it was noted that not all of them achieved the object for which they were performed. The exceptions had curious and often alarming side-effects which the author calls ‘tangential tantra’. It was discovered that these anomalies effected a rapprochment with highly charged dimensions existing between the realms of dreaming and dreamless sleep. This catalytic interface Grant calls the Mauve Zone. The weird nature of these phenomena suggested parallels with H. P. Lovecraft’s Cycle of Myths extrapolated in the fabulous Necronominon, and its affinity with Mauve Zone magick is here meticulously explored.

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