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Hermetica Triptycha Gary P. Caton

HERMETICA TRIPTYCHA is a new series of astrological grimoires that explores both the deepest traditions and furthest frontiers of astrology through the lens of the planet Mercury.

Messenger, trickster, psychopomp, Mercury’s myriad forms belie a genuinely complex character. And yet to most modern astrologers he remains a relatively one-dimensional figure. Caton’s Hermetic triptych is designed to ground you in the actual observation of Mercury as a living planetary phenomenon, and to bring the lessons of this planetary divinity back to the world of applied astrology.

Before the Common Era, Mesopotamian astrologers knew the intricate movements of the visible planets and could accurately predict their movements. This gave birth to detailed ephemerides and symbolic facsimiles of the sky, but ironically, it also gave rise to an astrology that could be practiced in isolation from the vast temple of the living heavens. In Hellenistic times, astrologers subsequently lost touch with their observational roots, and, like prisoners in Plato’s cave, they mistook the shadows of things for the luminous realities.

Mercury’s dynamic phases, his nodes and transits, the shapes of his retrograde loops, and his propensity to spend more time in one elemental triplicity than all the others combined—have critical applications in practical astrology. Going far beyond sign, house, and aspect, they provide the crucial contexts for understanding the meaning and purpose of Mercury at any given moment. Each volume of the Hermetica Triptycha explores a unique dimension of this multifaceted planetary divinity, bringing ancient knowledge to life for a modern audience.

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