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Hex Twisting : Counter-Magick Spells for the Irritated Witch by Diana Rajchel

Even the most mild-mannered practitioners of magick who stick to personal development can find themselves on the receiving end of harmful energies. Hex Twisting is the key to countering any curse or hex that is thrown your way. Providing a variety of ways to defend yourself, this indispensable guide helps you drive negative magick out of your home, trap malevolent spirits, and more.

Author Diana Rajchel has spent years handling psychic attacks, ancestral injuries, and work-for-hire hauntings. She carefully studied how each attack worked, and now passes that essential knowledge to you through this book's powerful collection of exercises, tips, and techniques. Discover how to diagnose, recover from, and prevent jinxes, hexes, crosses, and curses.

Explore counter-measure recipes, reversal spells, and cleansing rituals. Whatever is after you, this book can help you stop it.

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