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Hidden Paths (paperback) by Denis Poisson

2nd Paperback edition.

In his fortnightly Esoteric Saturday video series aired on his Foolish Fish YouTube channel since 2019, Denis Poisson has been exploring these strange, hidden paths from a pragmatic perspective, never losing sight of the fact that not all that glitters is gold: just because some esoteric lore holds up to scrutiny in the light of experimentation, there is a lot of nonsense out there designed to drain the pockets of the gullible, designed to ensnare the fresh explorer, and spit them back out onto the well-trodden public footpath full of disenchanted, world-hardened realists who believe that consciousness could possibly arise out of matter (and not the other way around), despite what every fiber of their being tells them.

In his explorations, Poisson has offered suggestions of new ways of thinking about how the world works and gives practical tips on how you too can explore these realms beyond the mundane, and develop your own connections to a conscious Universe in order to follow your own path. The path that was made for you.

In Hidden Paths, you will find the transcripts of some of Foolish Fish's most enduring and well-loved videos, with everything from his account of the strange experience that set him off on this exploration of the Magickal traditions of the East and West, to advice for people approaching the topic with a desire to free themselves from unhelpful dogmatic indoctrination in mainstream organized religions to practical tips for growing your own surprising power to influence the probability of a desired outcome in the real world.

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