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Holsitic Guide to Your Health and Wellbeing Today by Oliver Rolfe

by: Gardners

A Step-By-Step Guide To The Relationship Between Your Physical, Mental, Energetic & Emotional Health.


Have you ever wanted to improve your complete health, both inside and out, and did not know where to start? A decade ago, my life changed forever. Now, using my personal experiences, professional knowledge and scientific studies, this book guides you through the minefield of information available to you and highlights the key aspects that assist complete and holistic health across our four core bodily systems - the physical, mental, energetic and emotional. The Holistic Guide covers everything from how to improve your immune system, nutritional guidance, mental health, the chakra system, numerology, emotional intelligence, advanced body language, deep breathing, meditation and more.

Working with psychologist David Moxon, international numerologist Ann Perry, Darren Rolfe from the addiction rehabilitation centre Steps Together and international medium and healer Sara Leslie, we have created a complete guide for your holistic health. Take Action Today!