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How to Love Yourself by Teal Swan

by: Gardners

Self-love is increasingly recognised as the foundation of a happy, healthy life. But, unlike other important life skills, self-love is never taught. As a result, many of us reach adulthood knowing that we need to love ourselves, but with no idea how to do it.

In this revised and updated edition of the popular Shadows Before Dawn, spiritual leader Teal Swan answers the question, how do I love myself? Baring her own experiences as an alienated extrasensory child and victim of abuse, Teal reveals how she turned her life around, overcame self-hate and transformed her suffering into self-love and joy. To guide you on your own journey of healing and transformation, Teal shares the 30 extraordinary methods and techniques that she used to find self-love in a comprehensive self-love toolkit. These life-changing practical tools will help you to develop self-worth, learn to "fill your own cup", choose happiness, love your body and step into your purpose.

If you are struggling to find your way to self-love, this inspiring book will provide you with a complete road map, showing you how to find happiness, heal your life and learn to truly love yourself.