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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Ellen Tout

by: Gardners

HUNDREDS OF PRACTICAL WAYS TO HELP COMBAT THE CLIMATE CRISIS!Turn over a green leaf in every aspect of your life with this comprehensive guide. Packed with practical, reliable and up-to-date advice about making achievable and sustainable changes, this book shows you can cut carbon by:HEATING AND COOLING YOUR HOUSE INTUITIVELY by using a smart thermostat or plugging your chimneyMANAGING DEVICES AND ELECTRONICS by unplugging unused chargers or passing along your old phoneCOOKING, WASHING AND CLEANING SMART by frying with small pans, defrosting the freezer regularly or washing your car with rainwaterGARDENING ACCORDING TO NATURE by participating in No Mow May or by creating your own green roofSHOPPING AND TRAVELLING CONSCIOUSLY by becoming a "locavore" or supporting low carbon resortsCHANGING FINANCIAL HABITS by investing in the future or buying services rather than productsEverywhere you look, there's a way to help the planet. Whether it's a simple change of habit or a forward-thinking home improvement project, you'll find plenty of suggestions to improve your bank balance, your health and your eco-karma.