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In the Shadow of 13 Moons by Kimberly Sherman-Cook

Embrace your inner shadow with Kimberly Sherman-Cook’s incredible tome, IN THE SHADOW OF 13 MOONS. By tapping into the power and potency of the dark moon using the rituals, exercises, and magical workings contained herein, both the experienced witch and the newcomer to the craft will be introduced to new and exciting paths that lead to self-discovery, fulfilment, and empowerment.

Highly practical and incredibly engaging, the reader will be introduced to concepts such as working within a dark circle of power, understanding elemental reversals, and channelling the power of dark deities. Also contained within this book are methods of revealing your inner shadow, navigating the inner landscapes, and a vast array of spells and rituals designed to be worked in conjunction with the dark moon. Unlike other books, the author includes a section on adapting these workings for group or coven work, making this book a wonderful working guide for groups looking to explore their shadow aspects together.

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