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Introduction to Zen Meditation by Omori Sogen

Introduction to Zen Meditation is a translation of the Sanzen Nyumon, a foundational text for beginning meditation students by Omori Sogen one of the foremost Zen teachers of the twentieth century. Written to provide a solid grounding in the physical nature of Zen meditation training, this text discusses breathing, pain, posture, state of mind and physiology, drowsiness and benefits, as well as the context in which zazen training takes on meaning. Students will also learn what to consider when searching for a teacher and the differences between the two main Japanese schools of Zen: Soto and Rinzai Zen.

This book addresses many of the questions which arise when someone first embarks on a journey of Zen meditation ranging from how long to sit at one time to how to remain mindful when not sitting and it concludes with commentaries on two other fundamental Zen texts, Zazen Wasen (The Song of Meditation) and the Ox-Herding Pictures. Though meditation has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years, it did not catch on in the West until researchers began to test the effects and benefits of this mindfulness practice in the mid-20th century. These benefits include: A decrease in anxiety, stress and depression; Increased focus, problem solving, decision making and creative thinking skills; Reduced blood pressure and risk of stroke or heart attack; Improvements to the immune system, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, IBD and other health conditions; Pain relief; Improves memory and mood.

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