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Knowledge of Spirit Worlds by Bob Woodward

by: Gardners

Based on direct communications with his eight spirit guides, Dr Bob Woodward confirms that we have all lived in spirit worlds before our birth - and that we will enter these same realms again after our material deaths. In a very real sense, these higher spirit worlds are actually our true home, he says, rather than our present physical existence, which is only a temporary abode. In consultation with his spirit guides - including a Tibetan Lama, a Jewish Rabbi, a Native American and his personal guardian angel - Bob Woodward gives a detailed survey of our lives in spirit worlds before birth and after death, our relationships there with friends, family and even pets, and our connections with both good and evil spiritual beings.

He also gives a commentary on a range of subjects such as reincarnation and climate change. In a final extensive and moving interview, Woodward finds and speaks with the soul of his deceased father, who offers enlightening glimpses of life after death. Whilst the author's knowledge is grounded in decades of study of the work of Rudolf Steiner - with which he compares the results of his own extrasensory perceptions - Knowledge of Spirit Worlds is not intended as a dry philosophical study.

Rather, it has a warm, experiential quality - based as it is on personal interaction with spirit entities - and emphasizes the love that connects all worlds and beings together.