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Liber Eximo Carnem by Peter Hamilton-Giles

The sixth volume in the Black Dragon series, by Peter Hamilton-Giles.

Here, the emphasis is placed on ingress, congress, and egress, with each totem playing its part in bringing, burying, and transcending the liberated form from the initiatory chamber. The work primarily considers two of the three totems, or at least this is how it is being envisaged now. The primary focus is on crossing the threshold and the candidate being led blindfolded and bound to the chamber of his/her unmaking. Much of what is being written here relies on the vignette of becoming undone and therefore unmade.

It is also important to note this edition coalesces the retinue of entities previously cited across the series so far. It thereby refreshes the sorcerer’s relationship to them and makes them tangibly referential for the work ahead. As an aside, by incorporating these the sorcerer reheats points across a spectrum of actualities and brings to bear a vast wealth of knowledge which has already been shared across the pages of the entire work.

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