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Life Alignment Cards by Francesca Chiarmetta

Life Alignment is a system that can be used to release any blocked issues, transform limiting beliefs, and enhance your inner qualities. Life Alignment can be used in many aspects of life and is an inclusive system, which combines elements of ancient and modern wisdom, in a simple and effective way. An essential part of the Life Alignment system is the concept of Vortex Technology, which has been developed by its founder, Jeff Levin, to facilitate the process of raising the vibrational frequencies of all aspects of our life, such as our body, food, water, environment and land.

Vortex technology is imprinted with high vibrational frequencies that work in concert with powerful Light Beings. This deck is the first tool of its kind: it brings new-found insight to the Vortex Technology and its inherent powers. Elena Arietti, a Life Alignment Academy teacher, was inspired to connect with the energies of the Vortex Cards and, with the contribution of Jeff Levin, the Life Alignment founder, she created these beautiful spiritual messages and affirmation for each Vortex Card.

Together they make up the 48 Life Alignment Inspiration Cards. The deck allows you to connect on a deep and intuitive level with the core energies of Life Alignment, aiming to be a great place to start understanding Life Alignment for beginners, or an inspiring new approach for experienced practitioners to unlock deeper understanding, facilitate connection and bring inspiration.

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