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Living Magic by Frater U.:D

by: Watkins Wisdom

Living Magic is a profound exploration of real magical practice from four esteemed members of the influential Bonn Workshop for Experimental Magic. This book is an invaluable source of practical knowledge for contemporary occultists and magical practitioners. Within these pages, you will discover 24 essays exploring topics like Hermeticism, Da ath magic, states of consciousness, magic and science, magical healing, folk magic, and astrology.

The renowned occultist Frater U...D... explores the split between high and low magic. Harry Eilenstein discusses using magic for the clearest expression of your soul.

Josef Knecht shares insights on breaking through the web of collective reality. Axel Budenbender shares his most unforgettable rituals. These reflections, theories, stories, and tips comprise a must-have modern grimoire for all students of the occult.