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Lonely Less by Gill Hasson

by: Gardners

Explore strategies, ideas and advice for overcoming loneliness. Anyone, whatever their age, gender, culture or abilities, can find themselves separate and disconnected from others and feeling lonely. If you feel lonely you are lonely. And it's not nice.

But your situation can change for the better! In Lonely Less: How to Connect with Others, Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely, bestselling author Gill Hasson delivers practical strategies you can implement immediately to counter loneliness and connect with other people. The book recognises that as social beings, we each need to interact with others; to connect in positive ways and feel that we are understood, that we belong and are valued by others. It offers: A guide to meeting new people and making friends. Advice on how best to 'fit in' with others Ideas on how to spend time alone. Recommendations for keeping connected when working from home. Expert advice on managing existential loneliness; the disconnection that can follow a traumatic experience. Whether you're looking to empower yourself or help someone else, Lonely Less is a must-read in order to better connect with others, take part in social activities, make friends, be understood and feel a sense of belonging.