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Memento Mori by Edgar Kerval

by: Watkins Books

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Hardback limited to 200 copies only.

Memento Mori explores diverse aspects of the Santa Muerte tradition. In its pages, you will discover the arcane gnosis which connects the practitioner to the spirit of death in its deepest and darkest forms.

Here you will wander into the dark void of the grave and explore the sacred knowledge of plants connected to the cult of death, necromancy, spell-work, and the shadowy supernatural masks of La Santa Muerte herself.

Prepare to take the cold boney hand of Señora de las Sombras (Lady of the Shadows). As many wander the graveyards in search for her transcendence, She may be closer than you think.

“Death is the beginning of a new awakening; the Aeon of the Lady of The Black Crosses is upon us.” Edgar Kerval