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Metacartograph: Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy Volume 3 by David Chaim Smith

The Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy series presents innovative new works utilizing esoteric symbol systems established in the Lightning Flash of Alef books, published between 2017 and 2023. Volume three is titled Metacartograph. A  metacartograph is the highest category of esoteric cartography, which is a type of sacred image making unaffiliated with either organized religion or secular culture. The work is completely in its own category, and constitutes a radical departure from the role of art in contemporary society. The cartographer gives their entire life over to the process to become an open channel for the sublime mystery at the heart of all things. The process is a form of prayer, both in its manufacture as well as its viewing. This volume delves into both aspects along with the practice of mystical contemplation that makes both possible.

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