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Nazarth: Pillars of Gladness by Alexander Cummins

Limited hardback edition

Nazarth is a treasurehouse of geomantic incantations. Its nineteen keys were received and wrought through a combination of spirit communications, dream incubation, ritual cut-up, and judicious co-editing alongside tutelary shades and attendant spirits.

This Angelical psalter offers prayers for opening and closing rituals of geomantic divination, as well as for clearing the potentially dangerous miasmas of “halted” shield charts, and presents calls for directly working with the spirits, virtues, and materia of each of the Sixteen Figures of Renaissance European geomancy – to remediate deleterious conditions, transmute obstacles, stir and direct spirits, and galvanise blessings.

It offers the enterprising diviner-sorcerer resources to explore the Adamical roots of the so-called Enochian language, as well as imagery and spiritual landscapes to engage with the oracle of geomancy through more visionary lenses. It also presents an approach to Angelical charms for practical sorcery, spiritwork, and spellcraft that welcome further experimentation and individuation by practitioners.

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