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Old World Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi

In OLD WORLD WITCHCRAFT, noted author, Raven Grimassi, covers totally new territory from his work and from the world of popular books published in the last few decades.  This book is actually about “an enchanted worldview,” one that has not necessarily been inherited from the beliefs and practices of any particular region and one which is available to us today.
The “Old World” in the title is actually about a magical view of the Plant Kingdom and the spirits attached to it.  While Grimassi’s previous books discuss the cultural expressions and commonality of witchcraft beliefs and practices in general, this book penetrates much deeper.
OLD WORLD WITCHCRAFT reveals rarely discussed topics such as the concept of Shadow as the organic memory of the earth. Readers will learn rooted techniques that possess power because these ways have always been connected to it.  They will learn methods of interfacing with the ancestral current and with the organic memory of the earth. Through these they can connect with the timeless arts and learn methods of empowerment directly from the ancient source.

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