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On Alchemy by Brian Cotnoir

Alchemy is the art of transmuting base metal into gold - a material process that also functions as a metaphor for spiritual transformation and creativity. This book contains all the information and skills you need to start practising alchemy - to unite your inner spiritual work with your outer work, to decode the most complex alchemical texts and also, if you wish, to take up practical laboratory alchemy. The book is aimed at all those who are excited about alchemy's potential for spiritually enriching their lives and art, as well as practising alchemists who want key to the difficult texts and to explore how inner work can be united with their outer practice.

Mind-blowing exercises include:The practice of geometry to purify the inner eyeThe meditative practice of rehearsing a process from beginning to end to solve a problemObservation exercises using alchemical images and processesDreamwork to question the godsOn Alchemy puts the conceptual tools and practices of alchemy into the hands of readers and show creators of all types how to use art-making as a spiritual path.

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