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Paranormal Cornwall by David Scanlan

by: Watkins Books

Cornwall has a long and fascinating history of ghost stories, from ghostly ships seen traversing the coastline, phantom smugglers and pirates to grisly murders and lonely suicides. Those who live in Cornwall or visit the county are never far from a place associated with the paranormal. In this book author David Scanlan investigates the myriad ghost stories that are to be found in Cornwall.

These tales of phantoms, spooks and spectres include the multiply haunted Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor and its Smugglers Museum, made famous by Daphne du Maurier; the mermaid who spirited a man away at Zennor and took him for her husband; and the lonely and eccentric vicar of St Bartholomew's Church in Warleggan whose ghost haunts the pathway leading to the vicarage. Paranormal Cornwall contains these and many other narratives which will delight the ghost hunters and the spiritualists, make the sceptical think again, and send chills up and down every spine.