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Paths on the Tree of Wisdom by Mike Bais

An up-to-date and comprehensive guide to Kabbalah, one of the most effective spiritual development systems and mystical traditions that still exists in a complete form. It has developed over centuries to become a window into the workings of the universe and a way for humanity to integrate with it.

Kabbalah is a tradition that is closely related to Judaism, but which has links also with Ancient Egyptian religion and currents all across the Near and Middle East. Outwardly it was studied and taught principally by Rabbis, but in fact on a more secret level its development was also taken forward by Moslem scholars, Renaissance princes, alchemists of all kind and magicians. It found its expression in the tarot deck and in the esoteric teachings of Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune.

In a way, it’s all in here and Kabbalah holds the key to all the workings of the universe. We can use it to make sense of our own minds and motivations and become better happier people by relating more consciously to all that is. As Dutch teacher Mike Bais points out, we can also use this supremely flexible system to understand the universe and how it works and one of his key points in this book is that Kabbalah is ideally placed to bring science and spirituality back together again after centuries of estrangement.

The book is full of diagrams and illustrations that enhance the text. The exercises and practical teachings here form a crystal clear course of study for anyone willing put in the time and change their lives.


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